Our Services


There are many steps involved in collecting delinquent debts. If a simple letter or phone call could collect the debt, our services would not be needed. We offer many services that are all-inclusive once an account is placed in our hands for collection.


    • Skip Tracing – Sometimes the information that you have on a debtor is either outdated or was incorrect to begin with. We automatically scrub each account at the time of placement to help us better be able to locate debtors.


    • Employment verification – We do verify employment on the debtors as accounts are placed to help aid us in determining the extent of action that can be taken on an account.


    • Filing claims with the bankruptcy court – In the event that a debtor files for bankruptcy and your account is tied up in the bankruptcy process, we will handle all filing of claims for you.


    • Collections – Through a series of notices and phone calls we make an attempt to collect the debt owed. During this process the debtor becomes aware of the debt and becomes aware of the intent to collect the debt. During this phase we will negotiate payment plans and offer solutions to get the debt satisfied. If it is noted that the debtor has either failed to make an attempt or is avoiding contact, we will notify the debtor of our intent to proceed with further action if the matter is left unattended.


    • Legal options – During this phase we will obtain a judgment against the debtor in an attempt to collect the debt. Once legal action is required, Retail Merchants Association will pay all upfront court costs and attorney fees. These fees will then be turned over to the debtor. Our clients don’t pay any fees associated with the legal process. (Legal action will never be taken with out prior consent from our client.)


If there are any special requests for processing in regards to your accounts, please contact us. We are more than willing to accommodate whenever possible.